Columbus Georgia cab driver dies from gunshot to head

Yellow cab driver Bryon Brown, 59, was found with a gunshot to the head early Sunday morning in Columbus, Georgia.

Police have identified 21-year old, Sandy Mitchell as the alleged killer., GA News Weather


Courtesy of Columbus Police Department

Sandy Mitchell, 21-year old suspect connected cab driver Bryon Keith Brown’s murder.

Barwood cab driver taken to ATM machine by knife point

According to Montgomery County Police Department’s website, a Barwood cab driver was taken by knife-point to an ATM machine by a black female, approximately 20 to 30 years old, in Silver Springs, Maryland, Friday evening.

I called the Barwood Cab Company to inquire if the cab company had any security cameras installed in their taxi cabs. The customer service operator said that he didn’t think so. After talking to his supervisor, he instructed me to call the Montgomery Transportation Commission. He invited me before hanging up to call Mr. Lee Barnes, C.E.O. of Barwood Taxi.

Visiting Barwood Taxi company website, Barnes describes the 50 year history of the cab company started after this father came back from the WWII. Later in the video he describes the technology that his Barwood taxi service is implementing into its cabs to provide a better experience for customers.

The question arises about the cab companies priority of investing in security cameras for the safety of the drivers, if, in fact, that none of Barwood taxis have security cameras is true.

Luckily, for the cab driver, the woman was caught on video by the bank’s surveillance camera.


Lady Cab Drivers

Cab drivers, seemingly without question, carry around plenty of stories to tell. You can bet a cab fare, that if you see a cab driver talking on their cellphone, their more than likely telling a story.

Diana Diroy, a New York photographer, videographer, and documentary filmmaker living in New York City considers herself a visual storyteller. Diroy discovered a story that she made into a documentary short, called “What’s a Girl Doing Here?

The ten minute short film follows two New York female cab drivers, Elena Tenchikova and Shonna Valeska around New York city telling their stories as female cab drivers.


“What’s a girl doing here?” from Narratively on Vimeo

Crowdfunding started for Cabbie beaten by U.S. Marine

A crowdfunding project was started to assist with medical expenses for Charles Hawkesworth after being brutally beaten by an off-duty U.S. Marine in Surf City, North Carolina in the early hours last Sunday.

Taxi cab surveillance video captures passenger, after Hawkesworth attempts to stop passenger from taking the keys out of the ignition, punching the cab driver several times in the face.


Hawkesworth was released from Onslow Memorial Hospital after being treated for multiple broken bones surrounding his eye socket and nose area.

GoGetFunding, a crowdsourcing website, was used to assist with medical expenses. Donations for the Help Charles project already started pouring in.


Cab Driver Charles Hawkesworth





U.S. Marine attacks Cab Driver

September 9, 2012, in Surf City, North Carolina, cab driver, Charles Hawkesworth of Holly Ridge, North Carolina was brutally attacked allegedly by a Gunnery Sergeant instructor for the U.S. Marines Sunday morning at N New River Drive and 3rd Street around 1:00 a.m.

Rex Bowen, owner of Island Taxi, posted a surveillance video on his Facebook page showing Hawkensworth being attached by the passenger in the front seat of his cab.

Entire 4 minute raw footage

According to Brittany Ann Schwartz, J.R.’s girlfriend, Hawkensworth received multiple fractures to his face including a broken bone under his eye socket, and bones around his sinuses.


Cab Driver Charles Hawkesworth

Bowen said he would close Island Taxi service Sunday to determine how we would protect his cab drivers in the future.  “I really didn’t think I needed to put a partition in cars but driver’s safety comes first”, Bowen committed on his Facebook page.  Bowen claims that Pender Country Sherriff Department has issued an arrest warrant on the Marine pending a signature from Police Commissioner.



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