Barwood cab driver taken to ATM machine by knife point

According to Montgomery County Police Department’s website, a Barwood cab driver was taken by knife-point to an ATM machine by a black female, approximately 20 to 30 years old, in Silver Springs, Maryland, Friday evening.

I called the Barwood Cab Company to inquire if the cab company had any security cameras installed in their taxi cabs. The customer service operator said that he didn’t think so. After talking to his supervisor, he instructed me to call the Montgomery Transportation Commission. He invited me before hanging up to call Mr. Lee Barnes, C.E.O. of Barwood Taxi.

Visiting Barwood Taxi company website, Barnes describes the 50 year history of the cab company started after this father came back from the WWII. Later in the video he describes the technology that his Barwood taxi service is implementing into its cabs to provide a better experience for customers.

The question arises about the cab companies priority of investing in security cameras for the safety of the drivers, if, in fact, that none of Barwood taxis have security cameras is true.

Luckily, for the cab driver, the woman was caught on video by the bank’s surveillance camera.