U.S. Marine attacks Cab Driver

September 9, 2012, in Surf City, North Carolina, cab driver, Charles Hawkesworth of Holly Ridge, North Carolina was brutally attacked allegedly by a Gunnery Sergeant instructor for the U.S. Marines Sunday morning at N New River Drive and 3rd Street around 1:00 a.m.

Rex Bowen, owner of Island Taxi, posted a surveillance video on his Facebook page showing Hawkensworth being attached by the passenger in the front seat of his cab.

Entire 4 minute raw footage

According to Brittany Ann Schwartz, J.R.’s girlfriend, Hawkensworth received multiple fractures to his face including a broken bone under his eye socket, and bones around his sinuses.


Cab Driver Charles Hawkesworth

Bowen said he would close Island Taxi service Sunday to determine how we would protect his cab drivers in the future.  “I really didn’t think I needed to put a partition in cars but driver’s safety comes first”, Bowen committed on his Facebook page.  Bowen claims that Pender Country Sherriff Department has issued an arrest warrant on the Marine pending a signature from Police Commissioner.



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19 thoughts on “U.S. Marine attacks Cab Driver

      1. Jacksonville Marines SUCK

        im sure that guy just knows how much jacksonville marines are peices of shit and douchebags

        1. marine-wife

          My husband is a marine in Jacksonville, he is not a piece of shit, is not fair to label all marines here that way, that guy hell yes but not all are…..

          1. Sissy

            I agree completely with marine-wife. They are not “pieces of shit”. There are some that are full of arrogance ( this is, in a lot of circumstances a learned behavior of a select few) , but for the most part most of these young men & women are scared to death. To generalize them is insane. Just like the human race in general….there are a “few bad apples” but just because one is associated with the marines does not make all of them guilty. People who think this way are a major reason why society in general has gone south. All of this so called judging is insane….what gives you the right to do this ??? This man does indeed need to carry the responsibility of what he has done to this man. But it is not up to us, it is up to the judicial system and God himself. Good luck to all and God Bless !!

        2. Brenda D. SMith

          Now maybe someone will do something about these marines.They act as if they own the roads and can do anything they want. I do think them for what they are doing, however they signed up to do it none of them are forced to serve….

      2. Rabbit

        Come on now, Spiffy. Gunnery Sargeant Adam John Kinosh is no further above the law than you are, marine or not.

        I only wish JR (as his family and friends know him) a speedy recovery after this heinous, unprovoked attack.

  1. Tracie Crisante

    I am the manager of Katt’s Transportation Services, LLC in Wilmington, NC. In the last 2 weeks we have had more than 5 robberies/attempted robberies here. NONE of the stories disturbed me as much as this video.
    WHEN are the marines going to make it UNACCEPTABLE for active duty members to get drunk???? We see this type of behavior more than anyone at any base in Jacksonville knows about. Their marines come here to “party” ALOT.
    What’s REALLY disturbing is that this WASTE OF FLESH hasn’t been charged yet.
    I’ll be writing letters myself to Pender County AND to the bases in Jacksonville. I want to KNOW for a fact this guy has at least been arrested.
    Spare me anyone’s “patriotic” drivel about marines. If the marines actually stand for what they say they stand for….the whole BASE would make this guy pay. But, the “good ole boy” club mentality will kick in and some MORON somewhere in Jacksonville on a marine base will make this pussy a hero.

    1. Rabbit

      Tracie – So you know, the marine instructor who did this checked himself into a mental health hospital before the arrest warrants could be issued. He is claiming PTSD. The warrants will be served as soon as the mental hospital releases him.

      Or he sobers up, whichever comes first…..

  2. Concerened Citizen

    I am extremely sad and shaken by this horrible story. And it seems the victim has no medical insurance. The fundraising can be found here:


  3. concerned citizen

    im so sorry this happened to you. that was such a sensless act. looking at the video it looks to me like the marine was a bully for sure and to add to it looked like he had way too much to drink. i hope you get to feeling better soon. once again i am so sorry this happened to you from this asshole of a bully. i agree with some of the people not all marines are bad just some of them think they can push people around, why i dont know because they are not above anyone else get better soon

  4. Joe Guzman

    Adam is a very close friend of my family & it is sad that this whole incident happened. I feel for the driver & at the same time I hope that Adam gets the help that he needs. He’s been through alot & has been overseas more than some change their underwear. I’m not in any way saying its ok to do this but everyone has a story!! Adam is a good guy & hopefully everyone will make it through this.

    On another note, no one knows the full details as to what started the whole thing. Just as the media drops clips & leaves the bad out, this is the same thing here.

    I wish everyone well on this day of sadness.

    1. sinner

      oh yeah i’m sure he’s a good guy
      he just wanted to play
      we’ve seen the details which started the thing, it’s the fact that he’s a fucking dick with an anger problem and a steroid abusing piece of shit

  5. sinner

    oh and not to forget
    what you can’t see in the video because it has been cut out is that he even comes back to beat the driver a second time then orders the driver to look for his cap otherwise he would kill him
    google it if you don’t believe me

    “A video of a taxi cab driver being assaulted in Surf City is making the rounds on social networking sites, and authorities have warrants pending for the alleged attacker.

    Charles Hawksworth, a driver for Island Taxi in Surf City, was treated at Onslow Memorial Hospital for multiple facial bone fractures and other injuries after he was beat up by a passenger, according to Rex Bowen, owner of Island Taxi. Video shows a white male in a cap and T-shirt with tattoos visible on his arms verbally assaulting Hawksworth, who remains silent for much of the one minute video, before the passenger begins punching him. The video is from a camera installed on the dash of the taxi. The time stamp indicates the confrontation took place at 1:04:08 a.m. on Sunday.

    Jerry Coston, dispatcher for Island Taxi, said Hawksworth was responding to calls for pick up from customers leaving The Trailer Bar near North New River Drive in Surf City. Due to the heavy volume of calls, drivers were asking patrons to share cab rides home and giving them discounts to do so.

    “We were trying to turn a $25 fare into a $12 fare for him and he got all upset,” said Coston. “From what I understand (the passenger) was pretty intoxicated.”

    The passenger, upon learning that he has to split a cab, becomes agitated in the video, questioning several times why he has to split a cab with someone. Hawksworth tries to explain that he does not have to share a cab and asks if the passenger wants a ride home. The passenger tells Hawksworth, who was wearing a baseball cap and glasses, not to act tough and says he will crush his glasses. The passenger then begins to yell at Hawksworth saying he tried to take his money and for him to get out of the car. The passenger then appears to try and grab the keys. Hawksworth says that he is not trying to take anything from the passenger, who then begins to punch Hawksworth, knocking off his baseball cap and glasses. The video ends at 1:05:08.

    Coston said the passenger jumped out the cab and eventually ran back behind houses nearby.

    Island Taxi owner Bowen said the Surf City Police responded to the incident. According to Bowen, pending charges include communicating a threat, assault and assault with serious injury. Bowen said he feels more charges are due and that there is more video that has not yet been uploaded that should warrant more charges.

    “He sticks his head in the window a couple of more times and screams some more before the driver can get on the radio and get help. I’ve been in business here for five years and I’ve never had an incident like this,” said Bowen. “I started this business as a way to get people home safe. What happened is just senseless.”

    Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown told The Daily News that an assault did take place, but officers from the Onslow County Sheriff’s Department did not respond since the incident happened in Surf City.

    “We can verify that the assault occurred after (midnight) at New River Road in Surf City,” said Brown

    Surf City police did not comment.”

    Source: http://www.jdnews.com/articles/taxi-108151-video-driver.html

    1. Blessing

      Hi Sinner,

      Can you please show us the real original video that has never been cut and edited? I have been googling to find a real raw video of this incident, but all I can find are the ones have been cut and edited. The integrity of the whole truth has been compromised.

  6. Blessing

    This video has been edited. The real raw footage would not leave a single scene or sound byte out of it. I feel real bad for what has happened to that taxi driver, but why those videos have been cut and edited? Can you guys please put a real original and unedited one on here to let real truth out?

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