Fundraising for Cab Slaves Documentary

Since Monday, after coming back from my camping trip, I decided to focus on my fundraising campaign for my documentary. This week, I started Monday with a total YouTube hit count of 30. Over four days, I tried a bit of everything to increase my hit count.

Tuesday night, I started emailing cab drivers about my fundraising campaign. I emailed every cab driver I personally knew. Then I started looking at cab drivers blogs. I emailed a cab driver blogger in Chicago. That night, he responded back by saying he would do what he could. He suggested I use KickStarter. I told him I was already using IndieGoGo.

Well, the next day, my YouTube hits went from 30 to almost 80. This was because my new connection Tweeted about my fundraising campaign to one of his connections, Andrew Huff, Editor and Publisher of an online publication called Gapers Block. Andrew wrote a small article about my fundraising campaign.