Thanks for visiting Cab Slaves website. I’m currently in the fundraising phase of my documentary. Like most film makers, we need help from outside sources as film making is an expensive artwork. Please view my 15 minute short. The explotation and corruption of the Chicago taxi industry must be exposed to the general public. Cab drivers across the U.S. need your support.


What Critics Are Saying About Cab Slaves


“Profoundly Disturbing” – Mark Lindheimer – IsAgenix Independent Associate

“Your film was excellent – very very well done.”

Mike – Travelsinacab.com

“Very informative documentary – love the editing” Sareesh Sudhakaran – Film Producer

“Good work! It’s great to bring up an issue that we don’t think about often enough when we use cabs.” Maribel Del Real – Del Real Tax Group, Inc.

“Very interesting…I think everyone should c this” – Deanna J Lett – Yellow Taxi Driver

“Great documentary.. I hope it remind all of us to think more in the cab.”Dr. Karina Zaygermakher Lincoln Park Smiles

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  1. Betty Johnson

    You rock out building social capital in this medium. Great city shots, great use of human figures. I remember you draw human figures well. The matter-of-fact, compelling plaintiff contrasted well with the exasperated commissioner – I thought it was a howl how cinematographer caught the glasses down the nose and all the facial movement – on paper she’s not got a very expressive face but she’s aggravated and not willing to go an extra mile for anybody (pick up the phone, promise to call the colleague….) or acknowledge conditions without betraying her position which would have helped everyone start working toward a solution. She coulda taken suggestions on a whiteboard and forwarded it along. I got more cooperation from the EPA, and they’re pretty hidebound.

    I’m concerned for a new cabdriver/old friend of mine who’s working nonstop now. I’m familiar with the artist Dmitry Samarov, whose book ‘Hack’ consisting of pen-and-ink sketches and narrative came out of University of Chicago Press (brr, they’re usually so chilly, but he’s good) allowing him to work on a second one. I think taking on this issue in the context of other labor and labor trafficking issues is huge and a really good move.

    No waitress works at $5.00 an hour to pay off a ‘lease’ – we call that something else in the social sciences! You’ve got a built-in audience amongst people who study labor and other trafficking, labor, migration and immigration issues. Plus the odd B-schooler who studies that in less stereotypical professions, like the similarities between temping (often unpaid or paid late) interning, bidding for outsourced graphic arts projects, etc.

    Good luck Eric!


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